Home News #JusticeForHannah: 5 Year Old Raped By Her Landlord’s Son (Watch Now)

#JusticeForHannah: 5 Year Old Raped By Her Landlord’s Son (Watch Now)


The sad story of Hannah, a five-year-old who was allegedly raped by her landlord’s son in their home, is agonizing. It’s one of those where law enforcement agencies in the country show their ineptitude, compounding problems.

In an interview with TVC, Hannah’s mother Victoria Ahmed and her stepfather shared how they came to discover their baby girl’s rape and how the case unfolded.

Ahmed said she had always been on good terms with her landlady, and the woman insisted Ahmed leave Hannah with her as they were about to step out in the rain.

She said while bathing her daughter the following day she noticed her daughter was in pains. She asked what was wrong and little girl made her promise she wouldn’t tell a soul.

I took her into the room and she told me that the landlady’s son took off her pants the previous day, had carnal knowledge of her and threatened to kill her if she told anybody.

What made matters worse was the police officer who was called to investigate the matter, too, allegedly assaulted five-year-old Hannah.

Victoria Ahmed and her husband are seeking justice for Hannah, asking that her assaulters be brought to book.

Here’s the interview of Victoria Ahmed and her husband on TVC’s “Your View.” Skip over to the 18th minute for the story.


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