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Welcome to NIGTREND Official News and Latest Entertainment Blog.

We are so glad you dropped by. Here you will find latest news to your views and release of official musics and video updates on pop culture, music, tech, trends, photos and all that jazz. We publish daily for your perusal and we try as much as possible to vet our content before you read them. Our writing style is urban yet simple and we target upwardly mobile Nigerians here and in the diaspora who spend some of their time online.

If for any reason you feel a need to reach us, do shoot a quick email to me via miztarplouis@gmail.com or use the contact form below and I will attend to you personally.

Email too stressful? No problem, you can reach me or any member of our team via Whatsapp at +2348134746699 (please do not call, our refusal to pick up will likely piss you off).

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